Dog Release of Liability Waiver Form

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Dog Owner/Handler Name: ________________________Dog(s) Name(s): ______________________I understand that my attendance in class is not without risk to myself, my dog, other family members or guests, and other class participants (human or canine). These include, without limitation, risks of physical injury, mental injury, emotional distress, trauma, death, contact with other participants and their dogs, and property damage. All risks are known and appreciated by me. I waive any and all specific notice of the existence of the risks. I shall assume responsibility for and pay my and my dog’s medical and emergency expenses in the event of injury, illness, or other incapacity regardless of whether I authorized such expenses. I agree that I, as owner of the above dog(s), am solely responsible for the dog(s) behavior and physical control and agree to carefully monitor and control it at all times.


By reading, signing and dating this document, I hereby waive and release Let’s Speak Dog, its owner (Liability Waiver), Dr. Liability Waiver and/or owners of any or all premises on which these classes are held, and/or its employees, agents and volunteers of said owners, from any and all damages, losses, fines, claims, suits, expenses (including attorney fees and defense costs), judgments and/or liabilities of any form or nature resulting from any act or omission of any dog or dog owner participating in the classes conducted at Let’s Speak Dog and/or under the auspices of Dr. Liability Waiver. This release of liability includes, but is not limited to any injury, death, sickness or personal injury or property damage my dog or I may suffer while on or around the premises where the instruction is held. This release also includes specifically, but without limitation, any and all forms of personal injury (including death) and property damage to myself, other persons, and other animals resulting from the act or omissions of any and all dogs or dog owners and I expressly assume the risk of such damages or injuries and losses throughout the duration of the curriculum.

I also agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Let’s Speak Dog and its owner, (Renee Hall), Dr. Jennifer Weeks, and Cheryl Weeks and/or owners of all premises on which these classes are being held, and/or the employee’s agents, and volunteers of said owners from any and all claims, suits, losses, damages, expenses (including attorney fees and defense costs) judgments, fines, penalties and/or liabilities, due to any and all forms of personal injury (including death) and property damage which my pet or I may cause, or be alleged to have caused, to any person, animal, or property while on or around the premises where the instruction is carried out, or in connection with the instruction provided by Dr. Liability Waiver, their employees, agents and/or Renee Hall.


This Agreement to Release and Waive Liability, Hold Harmless, Indemnify and Assume Risk of Injury or Loss shall survive the completion or termination of instruction services by Dr. Liability Waiver, their employees, agents, and/or Renee Hall.


This agreement is an integrated agreement which supersedes any prior, contemporaneous oral or written agreements or negotiations. This agreement may not be modified except through a written agreement signed by the dog owner and Dr. Liability Waiver.


By my signature below, I hereby state that I fully understand and agree to the above terms and conditions in consideration for the instruction services provided by Dr. Liability Waiver and their employees or agents.

Signature: _________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________

(must be signed by a parent or guardian if under 18)



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